TEN Secrets to be WILDLY Productive in Writing Your Dissertation

Jan 09, 2019
Hello and Happy New Year!
Don't you just LOVE new beginnings and clean slates? The beginning of a new year is a great time to organize and map out the progress you will make in your dissertation this year. 
This is especially important if you left 2018 feeling stuck... like there are not enough hours in the day with competing roles and priorities working full time, being a mom, wife, friend, daughter, aunt... setting out with good intentions to work on the dissertation but feeling pulled in a million directions when basketball practice for your 8-year old is re-scheduled. (Isn't that the worst?)
It is no fun when you feel like you hardly have time to get dinner together, let alone work on your dissertation. If you are like I was... the woman who has multiple identities and juggling priorities that seem to never end, I have some refreshing news for you… 
Busy people GET SHIT DONE. It’s true… AND this is...
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