Finish the Dissertation and Move On With Your Life

Helping women juggling multiple competing priorities break through writing resistance and make progress on their Doctoral Dissertation / Thesis so that they can move on to that amazing opportunity waiting for them.

What is Your Doc Student Personality?

Are you the Aristotelian Smarty Pants, the Hot Mess Mom Crushing It, the High Achieving Pulled-Together Mom, The Career-Centered Diva in Heels, or the Future Inspirational Professor?
(This quiz is totally for FUN and not meant to insult or assign a serious stereotype)

Prepare for Clarity and Breakthroughs

High-performing women often struggle with isolation, perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, lack of motivation, procrastination, and paralyzing self-doubt. Break through writing resistance and reframe your thinking through my personalized coaching programs.

Personalized Coaching packages provide actionable, momentum-building blueprints perfectly paired with loads of support and accountability to get you to the finish line FASTER.

Writing the dissertation should not suck the life out of you. Finish your dissertation while still enjoying your life.


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