Dissertation Truth Bomb - Don't let PERFECTION paralyze you.

I had to reach out to you today because this is a topic bubbling up with doc students right now. I'm about to get real with you, so lean in.
I get it… writing the dissertation can seem like an overwhelming task, and let’s face it. Many of us are here because we are overachievers in life. We set HIGH standards for ourselves, and we REACH them. Sometimes though, those high standards can be toxic when writing the dissertation.
I’ve seen the desire for PERFECTION paralyze students. I am begging you… do not let PERFECTION keep you from making progress. Just WRITE... even if it is messy, even if it doesn't make perfect sense, even if it isn't in the order you like, and take comfort in the fact that you can always go back and fine tune later. The first few drafts will feel like they are crap and that is perfectly normal. 
I’ve seen perfection stifle the students I work with. They come to me because they are stuck, and sometimes, they just need accountability. For some students, I am the last ditch effort to save the degree. I can relate, as I was there too. I was a doc student who received the dreaded 6-year letter.
I want to keep you moving to the finish line.
Don’t let days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years without making progress. You can DO this.  
STOP... rearranging your desk, cleaning the house, organizing your linen closet, surfing Facebook (you know you do it), alphabetizing the books on your shelf, doing anything you can, to avoid writing... just STOP.
Sending you a little motivation and a reminder that you can and WILL finish. Stick with it. If you are procrastinating, set aside 30 minutes TODAY to write. Once you see progress, you will be motivated to keep going. If you identify as being a perfectionist, registration for my free masterclass "Break Through Writer's Block" is OPEN
You GOT this!
Wishing you success and well-being on your dissertation / doctoral journey.

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