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Would you stand your Bestie up at the Coffee Shop?

self integrity Mar 26, 2021
Hello, Beautiful.
Are you a person of your word? Would you ever consider telling your bestie that you will meet her at the coffee shop, but then never show up? Would you tell a colleague you will meet for drinks but leave her there sitting alone while you are finishing up a task at the office? Or tell your partner you are going to meet them at a restaurant and never show up? 
But then how many times do we tell ourselves “I'm going to get up early and write in the morning", "I’m going to the gym tomorrow” and then never do it? If we keep telling ourselves that we are going to do something and never do it, then we are telling ourselves that we don’t even believe in our own word
Let me be clear… I am OFTEN out of integrity with myself. I’ve been working hard to identify when I am doing it, and then clean myself up, dust myself off, and get right back into integrity. We all slip up… we are human. The key is not to collapse completely. Sometimes we have a tendency to fall out of integrity and STAY out of integrity. There is no integrity in that. 
Harvard conducted a business study that focused on productivity in sales professionals and self-integrity. What they found was that when sales professionals made a commitment to themselves to reach a certain goal, or make a certain amount of sales calls and they stuck to their word, their productivity skyrocketed. When we give ourselves our word without any additional productivity inputs, productivity increased anywhere from 1-400%!
It’s okay to NOT do something, but if you SAY you are going to do it, do it. Be an amazing friend to yourself. Start small. Start with your research. If you say you are going to review XX article on XX day, then do it.
I believe in you.
I believe that I attract the most AMAZING people into my circle, where you stand right now.
You can ALWAYS count on me to have your back. I want you to FINISH and move on to that next opportunity waiting for you.
Keep your word to yourself and keep going.  

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