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Admit it. You're DOPE.

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021
My tweenage son would be utterly mortified if he knew that I used the word "dope" in a sentence. "DOPE" meaning "of the VERY BEST KIND"... (marvelous, awesome, fabulous, first-rate, out-of-sight, splendid, stellar, splendid, superior, etc.)... so DOPE in a good way. 😁
This blog post is inspired by the women in my “Stuck to Unstoppable” program. We have weekly Live sessions in Zoom and Facebook and a few weeks ago, one of the amazing women in a coaching hot seat shared that she tends to hide her accomplishments because she doesn't want them to seem so big.
Once she shared this, the other ladies chimed in about the fact that many of them were also hiding or downplaying their accomplishments as well. Can you relate? Are your degrees or certificates of accomplishments hanging with pride in your office? If not, why not?
WHY do we do this?
We downplay our accomplishments because we don’t want others to feel uncomfortable. 
I’ve been guilty myself for downplaying my success. In my career, I always tended to focus on who I work for rather than the unique strengths and accomplishments I bring to the table.
It is more comfortable for me to tell you about the amazing team I have rather than taking the ownership and responsibility for the fact that I created and led the team… about the work that we are collectively doing and the impact, we are having. I celebrate “our” successes being careful to not make it about my own success.
Men are celebrated for their intelligence, their confidence, and being inspirational, while women tend to be seen as “bossy” or “intimidating”.
We end up overcompensating for others perceiving us in this way by using words like “just”, “supported” or “helped" to make whoever I am talking to feel more at ease so I don’t appear to be bragging or boastful. 
Women have such a hard time promoting themselves to others. As sisters, let’s encourage other women. Let’s cheer for each other, and celebrate or greatness. 
So what I am asking you to do TODAY… is to write your story and focus on your accomplishments.
Don’t leave any of your badassery out.
Read it out loud. Repeat it over and over again without using phrases like “just”, “luck”, or any other qualifying words that downplay your accomplishments.
Include all of the accomplishments and contributions you have made that have impacted the organization, or your own business, or your accomplishments in your research.
Share your story below.
You are a badass.
Let your light shine for the [email protected]*king world to see.  

Own it. We will cheer you on.
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